November Events!

December is here and we are amazed at how much has transpired in the last month and a half!

We just want to highlight a few things here in this post.

Since our last post about saying goodbye to our dog Bear, we have received so many emails, notes and comments expressing sympathy especially from those who knew him.

We love you Bear!

Thank you all for your concern and support!







This month we have travelled quite a bit and this week is just full of meetings and visits.

Moises Ruiz who has been part of our missionary team here in Mexico returned from Canada for a short visit and Ministry Trip with Phil to La Sierra Norte of Puebla. At the beginning of the month, they travelled for 4 days, visiting many of the churches, pastors and groups of students studying with us in the Seminary by Extension SEAN. It was a jam packed trip and they were able to be a real encouragement.

Study group in Zapata
Study group in Zacapoaxtla
Visiting with Pastor Sebastian


In the middle of the month a family from Canada came to visit and we were able to show them around Puebla and Mexico City. It was great for them to be able to see life in Mexico first hand and really interact about the ministry we are involved in. Here’s a wee video of them sending greetings from Mexico City pyramids.

Yes, we climbed the pyramids to the top! What a view!

Last week, we had the privilege of hosting a visitor from one of the churches we work with in Cuetzalan. Freddy is a young man who is studying with us in the SEAN program. He was given the opportunity to take a course here in Puebla for a couple of days and we offered to host him in the evenings and overnight. We had a great time connecting and deepening our relationship. He is very capable and desires to learn. Please pray for him as he seeks to live out his faith and be a blessing to his family and those in his community of Cuetzalan. More on this in our next update.

For the next 3-4 months we are looking after a dog named Ruby. Our friends Zac and Jen are returning to the U.S. for the delivery of their first baby. They dropped Ruby off on their visit to Puebla for a doctor’s appointment the other day and had a great visit.

To prepare for the coming of December events, Carolyn attended a women’s Christmas Breakfast at the church we attend here in Puebla. Lots of fun! Lots of food!

Potluck Breakfast food! More like Brunch!

We have been blessed to make so many connections and visits through the busyness of the past months. We are grateful to God for all those who are bringing such richness to our lives. We pray God’s rich blessing on you all!


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