Groups Growing & a Visit!

It was a fantastic visit!

Last weekend Phil traveled to La Sierra Norte with our friend David from Canada who came to visit and see our ministry. There were a number of highlights from the ministry weekend, but below are a couple of interesting ones!

We visited the group in Aocotzota where Phil led the study. This group is doing very well in their studies. We look forward to them finishing book 2 of the Introductory Level and getting into Level 1.


We also traveled to Cuetzalan where the group continues to grow! They now have 20 people in their group and it is a bit large to keep at that size.  Once we see who all is committed after the first few lessons, we’ll see about making it into 2 groups.

Pastor Josué leading the study. We ran out of space at the table for him to sit down.
They all seem quite keen on studying and they were very engaged in the class. So good to see!

We’d like to say Thank you to David for the visit! Missionary work has many challenges and a the visit was such an encouragement to us.

Thank You!
All the Mexican food! Such a good sport!


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