Finding time for …

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Here we are at the middle of June already!

We wanted to share a few photos from our experiences this past month or so. It’s been busy with travel around Mexico after our short time in Canada at the beginning of May. Finding balance between ministry and everyday life stuff is always a challenge! Thanks for being part of our journey, everyday!

Magnificent view on our trip to the mountains.
How many people do you think we can fit in an 12 passenger van?
Beautiful colours!
Who’s that at the mall?
Stairway across the 8 lanes of traffic in Mexico City.
Screenshot 2019-06-05 22.53.03
Looking forward to the next Bake’n Take this month.


One thought on “Finding time for …

    Cleo Melzer said:
    June 11, 2019 at 20:04

    Thanks for the great pictures.
    Who is that at the Mall with Carolyn?

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