Long Weekend

Happy Belated Victoria Day Long Weekend everyone!


Just pausing for a brief update here.

We hope you all had a great long weekend no matter, whether you had free time, spent it with family or even if you had to work. According to Google, Queen Victoria’s real birthdate is May 24, so this post is right on time!

The long weekend was certainly long for us. Carolyn stayed home and spent quite a bit of time getting caught up on baking. The freezer was a bit low on baked goods to have ready to bless people with. Phil travelled to the mountain areas again this past weekend and had a very good time with 3 of the groups who are studying and advancing well in their studies. 

The one group in Zacapoaxtla is the furthest along in their studies, about half-way through the last book of Level 2 in the Seminary Program.

In Zapata, the group studies Saturday afternoons and is well on their way to completing the first book of the introductory level . They started at the end of January and are eager to continue. Our hope is that they all continue at least to the end of Level 1.  We are encouraged that one or two of the students seem quite capable of becoming the Tutor for that group.

On Sunday, the newest group in Huitzilan met and is well into studying the second book of the basic level. It was a real joy to see one of the students from their first group lead the study for this group. 

Please continue to pray for Matilde who had surgery to remove a tumor in her abdomen.  She seems to be recovering well and gaining strength.

Below are a few scenery pics from the weekend. Our next trip we’ll try to get more people photos.

New touristy sign downtown Zacapoaxtla
Some homes have such a great view.
Amazing view from the roadside on the way home from Huitzilan.


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  1. Hi Phil and Carolyn, Is this an email we can contact you at? We at Lyndock Baptist Church in Eganville, Ontario, Canada just wanted to let you know we are praying for you. May God bless you richly for seeking to share the gospel in Mexico. My husband and I were missionaries in Mexico about 5 years ago. We have been to Puebla. Where do you live there and what church are you part of? God bless you!  Melissa Beaumont

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