This past weekend Phil travelled to La Sierra Norte once again – in case you haven’t realized it yet, that’s where most of his ministry and trips are located. 

Friday night in Zacapoaxtla, Saturday and Sunday morning in Pezmata about another hour and a half into the mountains and then back home via Huitzilan and through Zacapoaxtla. It was a really good trip and a lot of preparation to do ahead of time.

The group in Zacapoaxtla are studying the book of Jeremiah – prophet of “Good News”.  It’s an interesting study, but there’s lots to prepare.  Lots of reading and lots of information to get through.  So, it took a bit of time to prepare just for that study group. On the down side, they cancelled the class at the last minute.  Oh well!  At least that lesson is done and ready for next time!!

On Saturday he travelled to Pezmata with the Pastor of the church and stayed overnight at his place which is just below the church. It was a great opportunity to get to know his family better and they were able to discuss some things pertaining to the difficulties in ministry. This was definitely at highlight of the weekend!

Here are some photos and a short video from the town.

View from the church in Pazmata
View from the Pastor’s home.
Pastor Miguel preparing Nopal for grilling.
Grilling pork and veggies – “carne asada” – Yummy!

 This short video is of a local farmer raking the drying coffee on his roof. It’s coffee harvest time.


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  1. Your weather looks better than we are going home to next Monday. Think we should be heading south instead of north. Enjoy receiving your updates. Still have you in our Prayers.
    Love from Bruce & Val

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