Bake’n Take

Greetings from sunny and warm Mexico!

Sometimes it takes quite some doing to re-schedule things. I’m sure many of you are familiar with that reality, however, in Mexico it can be even more of a challenge.

We had hoped to have a Bake’n Take in February, but the date we originally hoped for, most people were not available.  So, after trying several options, we postponed till this past weekend at the beginning of March.  Most wanted to do Pizza!  Again!  So, we pulled out the stops and had a great ‘ole time!

Not only Pizza – Cookie Bars and marshmallow squares too!
Fun in the kitchen!
We are dog-sitting our friend’s dog too, and the daughter of one of the ladies spent hours entertaining our furry friend!
Carolyn enjoying our morning walk in the park.
Our local volcano “Popo” has been more active in recent months making for more cleaning, and problems with allergies and breathing.


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