Weekend to Remember

IMG_1329November 11 in many countries we honour those who served and gave their lives for freedom. Many of us recall interactions with those who served in war and have been amazed. To those who have gone before we salute with gratitude in our hearts.  To those who still remain, we say Thank You and help us not forget.

Here in Mexico, November 11 is not part of their history or remembrance, so life kind of continues as per normal.  Phil made a trip to the Mountains and was able to connect with some new groups and receive contact information for some additional groups wanting to study with the Seminary.  We celebrate the eagerness of our current students to invite others to be part of the important task of studying the Bible in a more formal way. The learning they receive through the course work they do helps to prepare these Pastors and leaders in their ministry here in Mexico.



On Saturday, Phil travelled with Pastor Sebastian, the President of the Missionary Church in Mexico to Pezmata. It was a very long trip with a lot of mud to get through. Fortunately, his vehicle was able to make it through the rough terrain.





Phil led the study for this group in Pezmata and he was very pleased to be able to hear each one of them practice their Sermon for their exam and provide some helpful feedback.  Well done hermanos!





On Sunday, Pastor Bernabé and his wife had their third class with these 4 women. They are very excited to be able to begin studying and are eager to continue.


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