Rain, Rain, Rain!

It was a great weekend! 

This past weekend October 19 – 21 Phil was able to go to the mountains and visit with some of the groups we work with.  The drive to Pezmata was long and difficult. The rain had washed out parts of the road and left huge holes filled with mud and water.  He travelled with one of the Mexican pastors which made the trip more bearable.

One of the highlights of the weekend was the opportunity to preach at one of the churches (Huitzilan) and share in their team meeting.  At the end Phil was able to help them determine some action steps for more effective ministry.  So grateful for God’s guidance!

It rained the whole weekend, and not just a little! The one pathway up to the pastor’s house was 2 feet deep!
Drove up to Pezmata, practically the top of the mountains. The road was very muddy. Most of the mud was washed off the car by the time the picture was taken.
One of the new groups in Pezmata. They are doing very well and hope to graduate from Level One of the Seminary Program early in the New Year!


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