Ministry Trip 1 Sept.

This past weekend Sept 7 – 9, Phil was able to travel to the mountain areas to reconnect with the study groups.  It was a good weekend of ministry.  Participated in 2 study groups and preached at the church in Huitzilan.  Below are a few pictures from that trip.

Friday night group. Glad to see how far along this group has progressed. And a new baby to the mix.
Cuetzalan Church Building inside. This week the workers arrive to finish the floors. This is the church that the Team from Canada helped build that came last November.
Church in Huitzilan. A special Service of Thanksgiving.  And yes! those are roosters in the corner!  No lack of ambiance in that service.
Also a Baby Dedication at the service.
Phil preached a brief message from 1 Thess. 5:16-18
Our dog Bear on his morning walk at the park. His favourite place to stop and nibble on some fresh salad!


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  1. Shalom Phil and Carolyn
    Thanks for the update and great pictures.
    Praying for God’s guidance, empowering and protection for your ministry.
    Blessings in :Yeshua

  2. Preaching in Spanish? Nice!

    Joel Zantingh Executive Director of EMCC World Partners mobile: 1.877.375.7600 x243 txt & whatsapp: 519.820.6218 skype: jzantingh web: social:

    EMCC | Following Jesus Together


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