Alberta Bound

Hi Folks!  Yes!  We made it to Calgary, Alberta!

Screenshot 2018-06-30 05.26.22
We didn’t take this picture, but it is the skyline view of Calgary. Having lived in Calgary for a number of years, it feels like coming home!

We’re just a little behind on the update.  Unfortunately, our phones have not been working properly either, so mobile updates have not been possible and pictures have not been as plentiful.

Day 4 – from Winnipeg to Moose Jaw SK.  Not a lot of excitement along the journey.  If you’ve driven that road before, you’ll know it’s long, straight and kind of boring.  But, thankfully, as they say, “no news, is good news!”

Day 5 – from Moose Jaw to Calgary AB.  Another flat road and uneventful drive, however, it was so great to see the foothills as we were coming through Alberta!


We look forward to a few days of rest and relaxation after such a long drive and taking in just a wee bit of the Calgary Stampede (while we are here!).



We have a number of churches and friends to connect with here in Alberta and we are grateful to have this opportunity.



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