Spring Travels


It certainly feels like summer has arrived here in Lion’s Head. d267384

We returned from a few weeks of intense travel and time away in May and the first part of June. Now, we have less than 2 weeks before we start making our way to Alberta.

Unfortunately, we have not had time to share any updates with you all.  Internet and data signal have been very limited over the past weeks.


Below are some pictures from the places we’ve been.

Grace EMC Killaloe, ON
Family Graduation Celebration, Ottawa
Mexican Food – in Canada!!!! Yummy!

This video is from the time we spent at Phil’s sister’s cabin in the Ottawa Valley. An interesting little adventure.


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  1. ¡Hola Caro y Phil!

    Espero se encuentren bien. Tuve un problema con mi teléfono y perdí mis números. Mándenme un mensaje para recuperarlos.

    Muchas gracias.


    Sent from my iPhone

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