April … Showers?

At long last … another update!

Life’s been a bit time consuming these past couple of weeks.  Here we are!  Easter has passed us by and we are well into April.

In these days following Easter …the-loveof-cookiesbakery.png

On March 24/25 (Palm Sunday), we traveled to Sombra, ON to share with St. Clair Community Church. It was a wonderful time and we had the privilege of sharing a Seder Meal with a number of folks from the church that Sunday afternoon.  Thank you so much for a great time.  It was so good to see familiar faces again and share what God is doing in Mexico.20180325_114717.jpg

Phil had the wonderful pleasure of singing in the Lion’s Head and area Easter Community Cantata Choir throughout Holy Week.  What fun that was! Since we were away on March 25 he missed the first performance in Tobermory, but he managed to be at the other 3:  Wiarton on the Wed, Lion’s Head and Cape Crocker on Good Friday.

Cape Crocer 2018.jpg

We spent Easter Sun at our home Church Bethel EMC in Lion’s Head and had a wonderful meal in the afternoon with a couple of our friends at our home in Lakewood.

Where is the time going? We’ve been back in Canada now for almost 2 months now! This coming weekend we head to Guelph and we have a very full weekend travel schedule in April with lots of appointments and our Regional Gather mid-month.  More on that later!

You’ll be interested in the lovely weather we’ve been having.  We’ve included a few pictures which include our dog Bear in his element …


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