HMA Busy Beginning

Greetings from Lion’s Head, Ontario – Canada! 

Our apologies for not posting since we arrived home in Canada.  Life has been very hectic with settling in to our home here in Lion’s Head, getting started on our Speaking Itinerary, and visiting. That, combined with our need for some much needed rest … time has just disappeared!  Our most common question has been:  “Where did we put that?”  

We’ve been a little overwhelmed with all that needs to be attended to upon our return, but we’re getting there!  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

On Feb 11 we spoke at Calvary EMC in Owen Sound.  It was great to connect with these folks once again! Many familiar faces, and what a blessing to be able to share what God is doing in México.  Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

On Feb 18 we spoke at Bethel EMC here in Lion’ Head.  It was especially good to share with the folks from our home church. So encouraged to see what’s been happening here since we’ve been in México.  We are grateful for your prayers and support! 

Unfortunately, we didn’t get any photos from our weekend events.  We’re off to Orillia this weekend and then to Port Hope on Sunday, Feb 25.

We’ve joined in with a few other folks from our home church at Bethel for a small group study on David & Goliath called, “Goliath Must Fall”.  Here’s a brief video on what it’s about.  One Goliath or huge challenge for us is getting our support level up to 100% by the summer. 


The good news is …

We don’t have to fear or worry, because our hope and trust is not in our own ability or strength!


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