Preparing for our HMA Trip

Hi Folks!

We wanted to bring to your attention some things are we prepare for our trip back to Canada next week – leaving on Jan 30. Check out the tab above to see our Itinerary Calendar!  We hope to be taking lots of pictures on our trip to share our journey with you all.  Oh, what fun!

Here are some things to be praying about:

  1. Safety as we travel – especially through Mexico and crossing the US border.  Good weather travelling through the US and Canada.
  2. Increase in our Support Level – it has increased a bit from previous months – PTL!  We need to have 100% support before we return to Mexico.
  3. People to care for our dog Bear on weekends when we are travelling in Ontario.  There are several weekends and some longer periods when we’ll be travelling and need some help dog-sitting.
  4. That we’ll be able to get some good Rest & Relaxation amidst a very busy travel schedule.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!


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