October End


October was a super busy month and we are now well on our way into a busy November as well. Here are a few highlights from the ministry we’ve been involved in this past month.

Ministry Trips

Phil travelled to Oaxaca with Dan in early Oct and had a great time connecting with the pastors and being a part of the classes. Then at the end of the month he went with Moises to the mountains for classes there.  Below is a short video of the construction project we will be involved with when a Team from Canada comes Nov 3 – 12. The team will be helping put up the walls and get the building ready for the roof. Please pray for the Team as they are preparing to come and bless the church here in Mexico.


Bake’n Take

Carolyn had a busy month at home planning and preparing for not just one, but three Bake’n Take days. It was a lot of fun and we sure deepened our connections with those who attended. Carolyn usually has 3 recipes for each group to make and then take home. It can be very intense (in Spanish), but lots of fun and getting to know those who attend. Then, we share a meal together and socialize. A number of them have come each time, so please pray for those who attend, especially as we look for ways to invest further in their lives. We are really seeking the Lord on how to develop this ministry.


Please Pray …

During the past month we have heard from various people and news sources of the increased danger in the areas where we travel for ministry. The Cartel seem to be more active in those areas leaving a wave of fear with their murderous acts, and crime (car robberies, assaults) seems to have really increased on the roads to the small towns we visit. The mayor of one of the towns we visit regularly was killed  We ask for  your prayers, for safety, that we’ll be able to continue to travel in those areas and develop the national leaders we work with. Please pray for Mexico and the Mexican people. It is a nation in deep need of the Lord’s grace and peace, and the people are in the midst of corruption and violence on a daily basis.

This link is to  video of the violence in one of the places where we go each month.  Warning:  This video is very graphic.


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