Aug Teaching Trip

This past weekend Phil went with Dan Chapple to the Sierra Norte for our regular teaching trip. What a great time we had with the pastors and the classes we were able to be a part of.  

It was a very full weekend!  We assisted with 3 of the regular classes and were also a part of two worship services on Sunday.  Phil preached at the church in Huitzilan in the morning and Dan preached at a church in Zapata in the evening, a church we hadn’t been to in a long time.  We hope that there will be a group interested in studying with us from this church in Zapata as well. 

We are grateful for your prayers and support of the work we do here in Mexico helping Pastors and leaders study to be equipped to teach and train their own people.

Below are a number of photos from our trip.

Some pics from our classes and a Birthday Party.

We were also involved in a couple of worship services on Sunday:

Here are some amazing sights from our journey:


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  1. So glad you are well and your ministry is growing. We continue to pray for your safety and growing support. Hoping to see you at KPC when you come.
    We have been werestling somewhat with what to do with our rentals as in the last years we have struggled with some problems. Our youngest daughter and her husband, who currently rent the house next door have offered us the possibility of living with them somewhere else where we would no longer have tenants, and they would be close by whennour health fails. So, we have decided to sell out two homes and move forward. We are still in the searching and researching mode, wit appointments with financial planners and lawyer to put everything in place. You can pray for us for patience and strength as we start the declutteting and preparing for listing process, probably sometime on Feb. – Mar. Regards and blessings on your work.

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