July in a flash

Hey folks!  Here we are following a week of Kids Club here in Puebla and a week long ministry trip the week before!

This past week we helped with the organization and registration of kids for a Kids Club put on by the church we attend here in Puebla, El Faro.  What an great time!  The children especially enjoyed it!  This year a Christian family who operate a school in a small town outside of Cholula hosted the Club in their home which is also used for the school they operate.  They were overjoyed to have this week long Christian influence in their community.  Most of the children who live in this area come from very rough and difficult backgrounds.  Below is a short video.

The week before Phil went on a week-long ministry trip with Dan Chapple and 8 other pastors/leaders from the churches we work with.  They traveled north to Ciudad Juárez in the state of Chihuahua on the US boarder.  This group had been invited to a conference to see about joining with the Igleasia Misionera Estados Unidos Mexico who were meeting to form this new denomination in Mexico.  While it was a very long and exhausting trip, Phil and Dan were able to spend an extended amount of time with these pastors and leaders building stronger relationships with them — invaluable to our ministry with them.  Here are some highlights from the trip:

The group … well at least most of us!

Some interesting views along the way!

Some silly characters!

And a few more moments to share!


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