Happy 150 Canada!

We know, it’s a bit late to say it, but with all the summer long festivities in Canada this year, we thought we’d say it anyway. We did manage to have some Mexicans over for a real Canadian style meal.

Once again the last month has just flown by and we are just now able to take the time to share a bit of an update with you all.

At the beginning of June we returned to Mexico after spending 2 weeks in Canada primarily to help Carolyn’s step-dad. Shortly after we returned, Phil started back to Language School for another 3 week session.

Below are just a few pictures we managed to take. After sorting through this past month’s photos, we realized that we missed taking pictures of a number of things. I guess that’s expected to happen every once in while (or more than desired).

We were able to spend some time with our American missionary friends on the 4th of July.  We played mini-golf and had a fun evening playing some games. And, we almost got rained out on hole 18.

We also had the privilege of attending one of our teacher’s graduation. She studied French and is now working on German.  Wow! Very impressive!


And here are some pictures from Puebla life that we really like …

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Prayer Update

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