Happy May Long Weekend

Hey Everyone!


Just thought we’d wish you all (Canadians that is) a Happy May Long Weekend – Victoria Day!  And, we wanted to let ya’ll know that we are heading back to Ontario, Canada for a short 2 weeks. Not that we need to “get – outta – Mexico” for a break, but our purpose for returning is to help Carolyn’s Step-dad.  He has had many health problems at age 86 and is needing to sell his home and find a place where he can manage better.  He needs our help to make arrangements and deal with all the details.

We would love to make a round of visits with all our friends and Prayer Partners and Supporters, however, in that short time we will not be able to do much outside of our purpose for returning, except manage a few personal items as well.

All the best! We’ll post again when we get back to Mexico!

Thanks for all your prayers!


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