More March Memories

Hey Everyone!

This past weekend was a fun filled time for both of us.  

Carolyn went on a women’s retreat here in Puebla with about 65 other women.  They had a great time getting to know one another better and Carolyn invited one of her teachers to the retreat.  So, they had a really great time together.

Phil went with Moises once again to Zacapoaxtla, Pezmata, San Miguel and Huitzilan in the Mountain area of Puebla for their regular teaching classes. They made the trip into Pezmata which was very bumpy and tiring.

Please continue to pray for the classes we teach Pastors and leaders in Central Mexico.  Also, pray that we would make the best of the many opportunities we have to invest in friendships, the church we attend here in Puebla, our neighbours, and opportunities to expand the ministry God has called us to. Thank you for your prayers.

Below are some pictures and commentary from this past weekend.

Group photo – women’s retreat
Carolyn, Maribel and Jenifer
Friday night study group in Zacapoaxtla
Saturday afternoon study group in Pezmata
Sunday Morning study group in San Miguel
Pozole – basically chicken soup with corn … who knew that limes could be orange – they look just like oranges, but they’re not!
President Sabastien and Pastor Ruben
Finally, a sunny day in Zacapoaxtla town square


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