February 2017

This past Monday March 6, we had our Team Meeting and were able to visit with Ivan Preston and David Thompson. Ivan returned to Mexico to visit after having been a missionary in Mexico City and planting several churches. He and his wife are now retired and live in Kitchener, ON Canada. David accompanied Ivan on this visit. We were delighted to host them in our home for a night and send them on their journey to Chignahuapan the next day.


This past weekend Phil March 3 -4  travelled with Moises to Zacapoaxtla to be part of the regular teaching we do in that area.  Two of the groups have now finished Level 1 of the seminary program they have been working on. Below are some pictures of the largest group.  They were so excited to have finished Level 1 they wanted us to share a meal with them to celebrate.

Bernabé and Pablo the Tutors of the group.
The whole group and their families!
The students of the study group.
Sharing a meal together to celebrate!

We as a Team are so happy to see these groups finish Level 1. They have worked hard over the past almost 2 years. Some other groups are well on their way to finishing Level 1 as well.  Once most have finished, we are planning to have a graduation service celebration.

Prayer Teaching Trip Update

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