Feb Oaxaca Trip

Feb 16 – 18 Phil went on a trip to Oaxaca to be part of some Pastors’ meetings.

They had a number of things to discuss and we were able to spend some quality time getting to know each other much better.  We were also able to spend some time praying with the family of Pastor Tereso.  He was not able to join us as he was rushed to the hospital the day we arrived.  He has had a very difficult year or so following the accident that nearly crushed his head. We also prayed for his nephew Isaí who was in a motorcycle accident back in Nov 2016.  He is doing much better.  He is managing to do things on his own but suffers from a lot of pain and the medication keeps him pretty drowsy.  Please pray for this family as they have had many difficulties.

See the pictures below for a bit of a commentary on the trip.

Hector giving a message to the group on Thurs. night.
We enjoyed a great meal following the Thurs evening service.
Very delicious Rice!
Friday morning breakfast – massive tortillas!
Only one tortilla is more than enough!
Pastors meeting.
Pastor Alfonso sharing in the Friday night service.
Pulling the barge across the river.
It really is a lot of fun!
Isaí and his two sisters3 months after the motorcycle accident – doing fairly well.
Had to try at least one!


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