Jan Trip to Oaxaca

January is getting to be a very busy month.

This past weekend Phil travelled with Dan Chapple to lowlands of Oaxaca which is a 4 hour + trip and the weather was very warm – hot by Canadian standards (highs of 35 degrees C). We had a safe trip to and from the Oaxaca area, but we heard of several places where there have been many kidnappings and murders from Cartel groups. We stayed an extra night to avoid travelling in the dark for safety reasons. Carolyn has been baking up a storm, some items to one of our Spanish teachers and a bunch of other items to some friends.

Below are some pictures from the Oaxaca trip.

Thanks so much for your prayers.  Please continue to pray for safety as we travel in Mexico. Things seem to have really calmed down in the past couple weeks.  All fuel prices have increased and more increases are to come in the next few months.

Prayer Teaching Trip Update

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