Mid Jan Update

Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to send off an update to let you all know how things are going. We’ve had many inquiries as to the security situation here in Mexico. As far as we can tell, things seem to be getting much better. We haven’t heard of as many protests and rioting. Some of the highway tolls are still being affected but this last week seems to have quieted down quite a bit.  

Our whole Missionary Team went on a Ministry Trip to Zacapoaxtla this past weekend, Jan 13 – 15 and we had no problems with our travels. The journey to this area hasn’t really been affected much by the protests. Normally, only some of us travel each month for our teaching classes, but this time we all went, including the children, for a meeting on Saturday with the Tutors/Pastors of the groups in that area to introduce some Bible Study materials that will be of great help to them.  We also had a Team Meeting and celebrated Carolyn’s (English) birthday.  It was fun, but also very tiring as we met with 5 different groups over the weekend in 3 different towns.  Thank you all for your prayers. The Lord has been so good to us in showing us His hand in the lives of those we work with.

Below are some pictures from the weekend:

Chapple Boys eating a typical Mexican Breakfast: Tomales on a Torta
Lunch following our Saturday morning Meeting
All well fed and enjoying fellowship time
Cake Carolyn made for our Lunch on Saturday
The whole Missionary Team having Breakfast in Zacapoaxtla Sunday morning!
Carolyn’s Birthday Celebration Cake

Prayer Teaching Trip Update

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