November Highlights

As of the end of November we’ve been in Mexico for 15 Months! 

Today we spent the whole morning at the CIS Office getting our Mexican Permanent Driver’s License.  Yes, that’s correct!  Permanent!  Or, so they say!  Lots or bureaucracy, lot’s of people!  Good thing we arrived at 8:00 am for our 9:00 am appointments.  However, the appointment we made online was for the wrong office, so we had to go back to the front reception and get a later appointment and wait another half hour. Apart from the waiting and line ups, it was fairly straight forward.20161202_182422

At the beginning of November Carolyn went with the other ladies from our Team to a Missionary Ladies Retreat in Guanajuato, north of Mexico City. They had a great time!

Below are some photos from our Team Retreat and the few days we had for vacation.  Here we are at the beginning of December and Christmas will soon be here.  We are looking forward to having Phil’s Brother, Sister and her husband here for several days.

The women from our Mexico Team: Carolyn English, Carolyn Ruiz, Anne Marie Chapple and our Mission Director Sandra Tjart
One of the attractions we went to see – Chapel of Peace. Very Cool
Our Missionary Team – with the Chapple boys
Vista from near the top of the hill overlooking the Bay
Official Team Photo – Dan & Anne Marie Chapple, Moises & Carolyn Ruiz, Phil & Carolyn English
Chapple of Peace – apparently has the best view of Acapulco.
They set up for a sunset Quinceañera on the Beach – it’s a girl’s 15th Birthday Celebration, a really big thing here!
Vista of Acapulco Bay from the Chapel of Peace.
We were able to take in the sand sculptures exhibition. This one was the one from México!
Pizza Hut Hot Sauce
Enjoying the vista while waiting on breakfast.
This was the sand sculpture from Canada!
Sunset from our room.
A favourite sunset pic!
How Sweet!




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