October Happenings

For the first 3 weeks of October, Carolyn took a review session at the Language School which took most of her time during the week.  Phil has been travelling quite a bit and having tutoring sessions a few times a week.

Here are some photos of some happenings in our lives over the past few weeks.

Morning walks in the park with our dog Bear!

Trip to Oaxaca

– on this trip, Dan and Phil had the opportunity to travel six hours beyond La Gran Lucha, the town we normally go to and meet with some groups that are interested in becoming part of the association of churches we work with.

Trip to Zacapoaxtla

– on this trip Moises and Phil had the opportunity to deliver a car load of clothes and food supplies from a couple of churches in Mexico City to a family near the town of Huitzilan, about an hour and a half from Zacapoaxtla.  It was quite the trip and such a blessing to be able to be part of this ministry to a family who lost their home and an 18 year old daughter in a land slide.



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