Graduation / Orientation

It’s been several weeks since our last post – Unfortunately, because September was such a busy, tiring month we didn’t have the time to post anything.

During September we went back to the Spanish Institute of Puebla for our final “official” course (Level 8), which couldn’t come soon enough! Below are some pictures from our graduation dinner on Sept 29.  We are both feeling much more confident in our conversations and have an understanding of the grammar.  From this point on we should be able to continue on the language learning path fairly well equipped.

Phil starts with a tutor this week for some more advanced coaching to continue learning fluidity and the host of Spanish phrases that are so common.  Carolyn is going back for one more review session at the Institute to help solidify and progress in the advances she has made the last session.

In the next few months we will be getting more involved in our official “Orientation” of the ministry here in Central Mexico.  This will include Phil travelling more with our Mexico Missionary Team as well as getting involved in some teaching of music and coaching music teams at our church so as to become more comfortable being the teacher. He will also be spending time preparing for our teaching trips and studying to prepare for preaching.  After Carolyn finishes her review session, she hopes to get more involved in our community connecting with families, teaching cooking/baking and getting women involved in Bible Studies.  Pray with us as we trust the Lord and follow his leading in all these things

Below are some pics we took from our favourite park where we walk Bear, the 5 km race Carolyn ran here in Puebla and some from our graduation dinner.

Graduating Group
Carolyn finished!
Fountain in front of Graduation Dinner Restaurant


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  1. Congratulations to you both on completing your Level 8 language study. We are so happy for you both and wish you continued understanding and ease with the Spanish language.
    Congrats to Carolyn on completing the 5 km run. Very impressive.
    We continue to uphold you both in prayer.
    Ed & Moe

  2. Congratulations to you both! It takes a lot of dedication to peruse a study in a new language. Please know that I pray for you each time God brings you to my mind.

    And congratulations on your run Carolyn. Quite a challenge to participate in. What kind of temperatures were you dealing with.

    Richard and I arrived in the Yucatan near the end of October and it was hot. According to the Mexicans October was an unusually hot month. They assured me it was much better now. All I can say is: maybe for them, but for me it is hot. Needless to say I am acclimatizing and enjoying the warmth much better now. Love getting your letters. And the pictures are wonderful to receive. May God continue to bless you both as You seek His will in ministry.

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