Kid’s Club

Last Week, August 1 – 5  we had the privilege of helping with the Kid’s Club at a local school here in Puebla.  

It was exciting to see so many children!  There were all kinds of activities – Crafts, Sports, English classes, and Teaching Time not only for the children but for parents too!  Each day there were a few more children – I think we totalled somewhere around 165 children!  Wow!  What a great week!

Below are several pictures from last week.  It finished up with a Fiesta on the Friday with the children and parents with a Gospel message.  Then on Sunday everyone was invited to join for a special church service and party.  What a great week of connecting with new families and being able to share our lives with them.

Sunday Service
Puppets during Teaching Time
Singing during opening Session
Logo for the Camp
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  1. Wow! We completed DVBS in July with our highest numbers since I led registration. There were 59 children registered and attendance was in the 50’s each day. I believe we had the same number of volunteers as you did. That means you managed almost 3 times as many kids. Congratulations! May God bless this work with many accepting Jesus as their Saviour.

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