Mexico Political Situation

The following post is a repost from our Team Leader which explains the political situation here in Mexico. 

The political situation in Mexico has become quite unstable. You may have seen or heard about the rioting, deaths, and injuries in the city of Oaxaca this past week. Our Mexican pastors tell us that the news in not accurately reporting the depth and breadth of the problem. The violence has spread to four or five other states, and the roads in many of those areas are nearly impassible. Mauro, a Mexican pastor, texted me today to say that it took him two days to travel into one of the areas where we have classes in Oaxaca and Veracruz states, a trip that usually takes six hours. There were many places where the roads were blocked by fires and protesters. In those areas everyone had to get off the bus and walk around the problem in order to get back on a different bus on the other side. He said that it is dangerous and difficult to travel, and there is a growing problem of food shortages. Thus far the cities of Puebla and Mexico City (where we and the rest of our team live) have not had any problems, but the pastors are concerned that it may soon spread there. The unrest stems from new laws that have a big impact on school teachers and education. Below is a short video from a news agency called TV Azteca showing some of the problems in just one of the towns:

There is no control over any adds or commercials that may accompany the video.  It’s in Spanish, so if you don’t understand what’s being said at least you have an idea of what’s going on.


Prayer Update Video

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  1. Phil and Carolyn

    This is not even on our news. brexit is the dominating theme. Praying for you and the team’s safety.


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  2. As an expat living in Mexico, I can tell that it is quite unstable, which is the result of several factors such as the stagering poverty level and the lack of good opportunities for the general population.
    The situation is bad, but Mexicans are really hoping for a great change in a future election 🙂

    Great article btw

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