Some Fun Stuff!

Hey!  Just a quick update . . . 

Below are a few pictures of some fun stuff from the last week or so on our travels.  Enjoy!

Trees near our house in Momoxpan
Beautiful purple flowers
The amusement rides look like they don’t work, but it was cool with the volcano in the background
Sunrise on our way to school one day this past week
Looks like the tree is on fire! Really, it’s not that hot here.
I think someone posted this pic on Facebook – how cool is that!
Oh no!
We went to an Expo! They call it a “Feria” here – kind of like a fair, but we spent most of the time at the Expo.
They call it a “Cemita”. Amazing! Not exactly healthy though!

Prayer Update

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  1. Glad to see you enjoying yourself together with all the work. We are finally getting some spring weather. there are still a few piles of snow around. take care Eunice

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