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Hi Folks!

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve posted an update here, but we’ve been quite busy with Language School and life here in México!  We just finished Level 5 of our Spanish Program here at the Spanish Institute of Puebla.  It is a fantastic Language Learning School and we are grateful to have the opportunity to be studying there.  In 3-4 months we should be nearing the end of our official program and then it will be a matter of learning mostly on our own and in an informal environment.

This week (actually, tomorrow), we will be flying to San Antonio Texas to attend to the paperwork for our Temporary Residency Visas.  At this point everything looks like it should come together.  Thanks for your prayers on this matter.  Please continue to pray for this process this week.

This month we celebrated our Birthdays!happy-birthday-text-images



Carolyn on Jan 15th and Phil today, Jan 26th.

Hummingbird Cake for Phil’s Birthday!  Amazing!

Carolyn enjoyed baking cakes for us.  On her Birthday we took 3 cakes (chocolate, chocolate-peanutbutter, and carrot cake) to school and celebrated with the whole school.  Everyone was so excited – the cake here in México is very different from we would normally make, so it was a real treat for them (the Mexicans) to experience something quite different.


Prayer Update

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