Christmas in Puebla

Hello Everyone!

Below are a few videos from our Pre-Christmas Celebrations here in Puebla.  Our Christmas Day is probably going to be fairly quiet here as so many go on vacation the last 2 weeks of December, but we will likely spend some time with some friends.  We trust you are all having a wonderful Christmas Season and remembering the birth of our Lord Jesus.

This first video is our adventure down the snow hill that the city of Puebla put up in the town-square beside the Cathedral as part of the Christmas celebrations.  It was free but you had to sign a waver and you could only go down once per ticket.  There was also a skating rink (yes, you read that right – real ice!) free too, with skates and helmets!  Unfortunately, when we were there it was closed.


Then on the Sunday night before Christmas we went down to the “Coro Unido de Puebla – Un Regalo de Amor”.  It was a choral festival headed up by an Evangelical group here in Puebla. The government invited them to perform and they did a fantastic job of presenting the true meaning of Christmas.  The videos below don’t really do justice to what it was like, but it gives you an idea.



The finale finished off with SNOW!  

Can you believe it!?? Fake snow albeit, but kind of cool!


We trust you are all doing well.  Have a very …

Merry Christmas!


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