Quick Update

Hello Folks!

Just a quick update since so many have been asking how we faired during Hurricane Patricia this past week.  Well, where we were in Puebla and in Cuernavaca we pretty much missed its effects. We had  some overcast weather, but not really any rain where we were.

Thanks so much for all your concern and prayers during this time.  We are doing well.  We just finished Level 2 of our Spanish Language School and now we are taking a break to get caught up on things.  That will involve a trip to Mexico City as well to attend to some documents for our Temporary Residency process.

We’ve had a very busy few weeks which is why we haven’t posted anything here since we finished Spanish Level 1.  We went on a couple of excursions.  Below is a little video of one of the excursions we went on. We visited an Onyx Factory, but didn’t get to take pictures there.  Then we went to an ex-convent and the ruins of a Renaissance Cathedral.


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