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We’ve been in Mexico for 2 months now and we just finished our first 3 Week Session of Language School at the Spanish Institute of Puebla


Atop the Pyramids
Atop the Pyramids

It’s been a quite the transition into a whole new way of life!


We are doing our best to communicate in Spanish with the locals and in our classes. In fact, we had to sign a covenant stating that we would commit to doing our very best to speak ONLY Spanish while at Language School. It’s been tough and there have been many slip ups and mistakes – Yikes! What did we actually say!! It takes so long to say the most basic things when you have to think through almost every word before saying it.  

For the first 3 weeks we had one other class-mate, so it was interesting with just the three of us and our teacher in the mornings!  In the afternoons for 4 of the 5 days, we had a language conversation guide who helped us speak in conversations and work on what we learned in the mornings.  We had fantastic conversation guides and we especially look forward to that part of the learning in upcoming weeks. One afternoon a week we went on excursions to places near Puebla to see and hear about the history and culture of México.  We are fortunate to live in Puebla with so many historical and cultural museums and places to visit. One Sunday, we went on an excursion to the Pyramids near México City, went to the governor’s place, Cathedral square and of course for tacos!

Thanks for all you thoughts and prayers!  Sorry we are not able to send more frequent updates, but by the time we get home in the evenings, attend to everyday living things, and finish our homework, it is time to go to bed so we can be fresh and ready for the next day.  Days are full and we are learning more than we can absorb! It will come, little by little!

Check out our Photo Gallery for photos from our excursions and life here in Puebla.



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