Day 1 & 2

July 30, 2015

Wow!  The Day finally arrived and we were off!  After several very long days of trying to get things finished up, the house ready, storing things and packing up, we left home July 30 heading on a week long adventure to Mexico.

Our First Day on the Road was long. The photos and captions below tell the story!

7:30 AM

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 4.22.12 PMOur PAC Team from Bethel Church which consists of 7 people (plus some of their children) arrived at our home to prayer with us and see us off. Of course the car was all packed, we were very tired and didn’t get any photos of this vitally important part of our trip!

9:30 AM

We finally pulled away from our 155 Lakewood home.  Wow! So many things to take care of at the last hour!!

2015-07-19 20.27.04


2015-07-30 09.26.28







Sometime Later …

Quick Stop somewhere before London!  Hmm ... now why can't we remember!!!?
Quick Stop somewhere before London! Hmm … now why can’t we remember!!!?









1:30 PM

Teen Challenge, London.  We drove through London to drop off our Red Mazda 3 at Teen  Challenge – they take car donations!  We have been impressed with the ministry of Teen Challenge and know some people who have worked with them.page_banner_donatecar

3:00 PM

Tim Horton’s – Strathroy.  Met up with Phil’s brother Stephen to head across the U.S. border and onto his place for a couple of nights in Big Rapids, MI.1297182132274_ORIGINAL



4:30 PM

Crossed the Bluewater Bridge at Sarnia to the United States.  Thanks to the fervent prayers of our Ministry Partners, this was the fastest, smoothest Canada/US border crossing ever!  So fast, we didn’t have time to get our camera out!!  How awesome is that?!!

6:30 PM

Dinner in Imalay City, MI

First Pit Stop – it only classifies as a pit stop if you stop for more than a few minutes.  “Nachos” – Are we like Heading to Mexico or something!
2015-07-30 19.26.27

Dinner in the Park!
Dinner in the Park!








8:30 PM

Fuelling Station: Saginaw, MI – Cool Sunset, even cooler full moon over the McDonald’s Golden Arches.

2015-07-30 20.50.46

10:45 PM

Big Rapids, MI – Here we stay for a couple of nights with Phil’s brother, Stephen!

The Long awaited … Night, Night!

July 31

Great sleep last night!!  Much needed! No travel day – just seeing the sights of the town where Phil’s brother Stephen lives and works:  Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI.

Tomorrow … we have a long driving day – on to Edinburgh, IN – Heading through Grand Rapids (hmm … just how grand might they be?) and Indianapolis.

Friday Morning Market - Big Rapids!
Friday Morning Market – Big Rapids


2015-07-31 11.58.51
Morning walk into downtown
2015-07-31 11.39.27
Not always a good thing! It’s Free, but … just give it a try! Go on! We  dare you!
2015-07-31 13.08.03
The Official Office of the … Big Cheese!
2015-07-31 13.00.26
On stage! To an audience of …
2015-07-31 13.18.21
Hi Bear! We got an email that said to say, “Hi!” to Bear! Oh, wait … not that Bear!
2015-07-31 13.14.13
That would be his name beside his head!
2015-07-31 18.02.05
Stephen treated us to dinner at the “Blue Cow”, doesn’t sound so good, but it was … outstanding!
2015-07-31 20.51.29
What an amazing sunset on our walk along the River Path!
2015-07-31 20.43.32
Blue Cow, Blue Buses … We sense a theme going on here!
2015-07-31 20.51.43
The Big Rapids!!!!
2015-07-31 20.56.09
Astonishingly Beautiful!
2015-07-31 21.17.09
And then … we got rained out of our walk along the river!















Blue Cow!  Who Knew!
Blue Cow! Who Knew!

Drive to Mexico Prayer

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  1. Hi Phil and Carolyn,

    We are very happy for you. Great pics of your travels. We will be praying for you as you travel and begin your new adventure. May God be with you and bless you.

    Floyd & Elaine

  2. So Happy you are finally on our way. We miss the 3 of you already, but love watching your travels…. Thanks for all the pictures.. Les, Cin and NUG

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