Support Level

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for . . . 

We have reached 100% Support


Please be praying with us as we make plans to leave this summer.

Thank you very much to all those who have been part of this initial support raising phase of our calling to Mexico through prayer and financial giving.  While we have reached the milestone of 100% support, in many ways this is just the beginning of the journey.  We need your continued prayers and financial support for ministry in Mexico to be an ongoing reality.


Prayer Support

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  1. Hi Phil & Carolyn,

    Praise the Lord – we are so happy for you. You are our “Missionaries of the Month” at our church this month, I will share the good news with our congregation and we will continue praying that all goes according to plan.

    In Christ,

    Floyd & Elaine

    Grace EMC, Killaloe

  2. Congratulations!

    Your commitment, perseverance and positive attitude have been an inspiration. May these continue through your ministry in Mexico.


  3. Fantastic news, Phil & Carolyn! In His perfect timing! Please do send me your prayer letters/updates etc.and may your lives continue to shine the love and the wisdom of God!

  4. whoo hooo We are sooo happy that you’ve reached 100%. Looking forward to hearing all about the next phase. Keeping you both in prayer.

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