Raising Support

The Countdown is on!!

11% to go!

A reminder of our Goals for Mexico:

  1. Leadership Training – the mentoring and discipling of Pastors and Leaders is the heart of our vision and call to Mexico.  Our Mexico Team is on the forefront of implementing a training curriculum with the discipling process (Disciples who make Disciples) as it’s model for teaching and training.  Like any curriculum, it will take good modelling along with teaching in order for it to continue the process and be effective

  2. Team Building – we will be part of the Mexico Missionary Team with Dan & Anne-Marie Chapple and Moises & Carolyn Ruiz.  Together we can make a greater impact than any one can do on their own.  We look forward to being part of this team and working alongside the people of Mexico.

  3. Language & Culture Acquisition – an essential part of being effective in the ministry God has called us to in Mexico.  Our first year will be dedicated primarily to language study.  It is important to be well prepared in our language and culture understanding and be able to communicate well.

The video below is a good reminder why we raise support:


March 2015 Support

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