Soon, Very Soon ! !

Well folks, just 12percent_GT_button 

left to raise for our support!  

We’re at 88% with just a bit more to go to reach 100%!

We are thrilled that support has remained strong and continues to climb!  

Please continue to pray with us that our support will come in.  If you are able to help us financially with any amount, please use thedonate_now button on the side panel to donate online or use the form listed at the bottom of that page and send it in with your donation.

We’ll have our monthly update out next week, but we wanted to update our website right away as we have not posted anything recently.  We’ve been quite busy travelling to Orillia on weekends to take care of things with Carolyn’s Step-father.  There have been a lot of details to manage.  He is being discharged from the hospital rehabilitation program tomorrow so we will be heading there again this weekend to help with that transition.

Meanwhile, life in Lion’s Head, Ontario is frigid:

Georgian Bay!  View from the morning view on my School Bus!
Georgian Bay! View from the morning ride on my School Bus!


Apparently, the Great Lakes are more than 80% frozen over!

February 2015

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