In Case you Missed it!

Just in case you missed it in our monthly email update …

Our date for Deployment to Mexico is November 26, 2014

** This date for departure is dependent of course on having our full support to go – Currently at 55% support.

Please be praying with us for these 3 specific things:
  1. Scheduling for speaking engagements for May – Sept
  2. Significant increase in our support over the summer and full support by November
  3. Summer work for both of us as we need to be available on the weekends for deputation work

Thank you for your prayers and support!

We just came back from our EMCC World Partners Regional Gathering in Kitchener this week.  Next week Phil is going to Calgary to the Regional Gathering out there.  We are  grateful to God and to those who have contributed to make that trip possible!  We trust it will be a good time to network and partner with more folks in Alberta!

If you would like to contribute to our support, you can do so online at:  Donate Now!  Just click on the Donate link.

If you would like to be part of our Prayer Support Team, fill in the form below:



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  1. Hi Phil and Carolyn,

    That is such exciting news. Just want you to know that our church, Grace EMC in Killaloe have featured you as our missionary of the month and will be praying extra hard for you during the month of May.

    Floyd & I have finally sent in our support for you as well and will continue to pray that your support will be 100% soon. “With God all things are possible”

    God bless you as you continue serving Him, Floyd & Elaine

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