A Full Weekend!

This past weekend was packed with events!  We’d like to share a few of those with you all!  On Saturday night, Phil directed the Spirit Singers Choir here in Lion’s Head for their summer concert.

What a great turn out – just about packed Bethel Church!

A Full House - Spirit Singers Concert
A Full House – Spirit Singers Concert

What a blessing it turned out to be!  

Not only did the choir do an amazing job of their concert – everyone thoroughly enjoyed it – the choir donated the proceeds from the evening to our Mexico Mission!  

Thank You Spirit Singers, and Thank You Lion’s Head community for such a fantastic turn out and support!



Then on Sunday morning, we did our presentation at Immanuel Evangelical Missionary Church in Paisley.

Immanuel EMC
Immanuel EMC



Phil also brought the sermon for the morning.  It was wonderful to connect with many new folks and we thoroughly enjoyed connecting with the folks from Christian Horizons.  What a blessing it was to see such a warm and inviting congregation!

Thank You Pastor Tony for inviting us to share our ministry with your congregation!


Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality. – Romans 12:13  ESV

Thank you for a wonderful meal!
Thank you for a wonderful meal

We were blessed to have afternoon dinner with a wonderful couple from Immanuel EMC.

We ended up getting a tour of Hidden Valley Camp nearby and a peek at an 82 year old car – Wow!  Unfortunately we didn’t get picture of that!  Maybe just as well – wouldn’t want anyone to to get envious!


Then, on Sunday evening, we went to the Spirit Singers wrap-up BBQ.  It was an excellent time of reflecting on the concert the night before, amazing food, great conversation, AND the storm held off until our drive home, which was a real blessing!  Boy did it ever storm Sunday night!

Post-Dessert Table
Post-Dessert Table



Potluck Dinner - Well Done!
Potluck Dinner – Well Done!


Everyone had a Great Time!
Everyone had a Great Time!


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  1. Hey Phil,

    Got the monies from Spirit Singers here. Any chance you could track down an address for me? Nice of them to direct the funds to your support 🙂

    Thanks, Pam Hicks Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada (EMCC) Financial Administrator 1-877-375-7600 ext. 223

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